Translation of work in Setswana


Noun (plural works)

  1. Examples

    • Digging is hard work

      Go êpa ke tirô e thata

    something you have to do that needs effort or energy

  2. a job; employment

  3. Examples

    • The teacher marked our work

      Morutabana o tshwaile tirô ya rona

    something produced by work

  4. Examples

    • the works of William Shakespeare

      ditirô tsa ga William Shakespeare

    a piece of writing, painting, music, etc.

Translation of work in Setswana



  1. do work

  2. Examples

    • She works in a bank

      O bêrêka kwa bankeng

    have a job; be employed

  3. Examples

    • Is the lift working?

      A lefiti e a bêrêka?

    act or operate correctly or successfully

  4. Examples

    • Can you work the lift?

      A o kgona go dirisa lefiti?

    make something act; operate

  5. Examples

    • Work the mixture into a paste

      Duba motswakô gore o nne bomôtô

    shape and press

  6. Examples

    • The screw had worked loose

      Sepekere se ne se somogile

    gradually move into a particular position

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