Translation of wing in Setswana



nounPlural wings

  • 1

    • one of the pair of parts of a bird, bat, or insect, that it uses for flying
  • 2

    lefuka la sefofane
    • one of the pair of long flat parts that stick out from the side of an aircraft and support it while it flies
  • 3

    karolô ya kagô e e tswetseng kwa thokonyana
    • a part of a large building that extends from the main part
  • 4

    karolô ya koloi e e kwa godimo ga leotwana
    • the part of a motor vehicle's body above a wheel
  • 5

    karolô ya phathi ya sepolotiki ya ditumêlô tse di tseneletseng go gaisa ba bangwe
    • a section of a political party, with more extreme opinions than the others