Translation of through in Setswana



  1. Examples

    • Climb through the window

      Tsena ka fensetere

    from one end or side to the other end or side of

  2. Examples

    • We lost it through carelessness

      E re latlhegetse ka ntlha ya go tlhôka kêlôtlhôkô

    by means of; because of


  1. Examples

    • We squeezed through

      Re ne ra itshukunyetsa fa gare

    through something

  2. Examples

    • I'll put you through to the president

      Ke tla go fetisitsa kwa go tautona

    with a telephone connection made

  3. Examples

    • Wait till I'm through with these papers

      Ema go fitlhela ke fetsa ka dipampiri tse



  1. going through something

  2. Examples

    • a through train

      terena e e fitlhang felô gongwe

    going all the way to a destination

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