Translation of star in Setswana



nounPlural stars

  • 1

    • a large mass of burning gas that is seen as a bright speck of light in the sky at night
  • 2

    letshwaô la naledi
    • a shape with a number of points or rays sticking out from it
    • an asterisk
  • 3

    selekanyô sa boleng
    ‘a five-star hotel’ ôtêlê e e filweng selekanyô sa boleng ba dinaledi tse tlhano
    • an object or mark of this shape showing rank or quality
  • 4

    • a famous performer
    • one of the chief performers in a play, film, or show

verbstars, starring, starred

  • 1

    nna sekgantshwane
    nna moanêlwamogolo
    • be one of the main performers in a film or show
  • 2

    (said of a film or show)
    dira mongwe moanêlwamogolo
    • have somebody as a main performer
  • 3

    tshwaya ka naledi
    • mark with an asterisk or star symbol