Translation of make in Setswana



  1. bring something into existence, especially by putting things together

  2. Examples

    • You made me jump!

      O dirile gore ke tlole!

    • Make him repeat it

      Mo dire gore a e boeletse

    cause or compel

  3. Examples

    • She makes P15,000 a year

      O dira P15,000 ka ngwaga

    gain or earn

  4. Examples

    • The swimmer just made the shore

      Mošapi o sa tswa go fitlha kwa lotshitshing

    achieve or reach

  5. Examples

    • What do you make the time?

      O akanyetsa gore ke nakô mang?


  6. Examples

    • 4 and 6 make 10

      4 le 6 di dira 10

    result in or add up to

  7. Examples

    • You must make an effort

      O tshwanetse wa dira maitekô

    perform an action, etc.

  8. Examples

    • I made the beds

      Ke ne ka alolola malao

    arrange for use

  9. Examples

    • Her visit made my day

      Loetô la gagwê le itumedisitse letsatsi la me

    cause to be successful or happy

Translation of make in Setswana


Noun (plural makes)

  1. a brand of goods; something made by a particular firm

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