Translation of keep in Setswana



  1. have something and look after it or not get rid of it

  2. Examples

    • Keep still

      Nna jalo

    • I'll keep it hot

      Ke tla e baya e le bolelô

    stay or cause to stay in the same condition

  3. Examples

    • She keeps laughing

      O nna a tshêga

    do something continually

  4. Examples

    • How long will this milk keep?

      Maši a a tla nna lebaka le le kae a sa senyege?

    last without going bad

  5. Examples

    • Always keep your promises

      Nna o diragatsa ditsholofetso tsa gago

    respect and not break

  6. Examples

    • She kept a diary

      O ne a na le buka ya mananêô a letsatsi

    make entries in

Translation of keep in Setswana



  1. Examples

    • She earns her keep

      O berekêla tse a di tlhôkang go itshetsa

    maintenance; the food, etc., that you need to live

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