Translation of house in Setswana



Pronunciation /howss/

nounPlural houses

  • 1

    • a building made for people to live in, usually designed for one family
  • 2

    kagô ya tirisô nngwe
    ‘the opera house’ kagô ya kôpêlô
    • a building or establishment for a special purpose
  • 3

    kagô ya batsamaisa lefatshe
    ‘the House of Chiefs’ Ntlo ya Dikgosi
    • a building for a government assembly
    • the assembly itself
  • 4

    mephato mo sekolong
    • one of the divisions in some schools for sports competitions, etc.
  • 5

    • an old and famous family

verbhouses, housing, housed

  • 1

    nêêla bodulô
    • provide accommodation or room for somebody or something