Translation of hard in Setswana



  1. Examples

    • The ground froze hard

      Lefatshe le ne le gatsetse thata

    so as to be hard

  2. Examples

    • We worked hard

      Re berekile ka thata

    • It is raining hard

      Pula e na thata

    with great effort; intensively

  3. Examples

    • hard-earned cash

      madi a a sokoletsweng

    with difficulty

Translation of hard in Setswana



  1. firm or solid; not soft

  2. Examples

    • hard sums

      dipalô tse di dithata


  3. severe or stern

  4. Examples

    • hard luck

      lesegô le le palang

    causing suffering

  5. Examples

    • a hard worker

      mmêrêki wa senatla

    using great effort

  6. (said about drugs) strong and addictive

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