Noun (plural dues)

  1. Examples

    • Give him his due

      Mo nêêyê se se mo tshwanêtseng

    something you deserve or have a right to; proper respect

  2. Examples

    • harbour dues

      ditlhwatlhwa tsa maêmêlô a dikêpê

    a fee

There are 3 main translations of due in Setswana

: due1due2due3



  1. Examples

    • The train is due in ten minutes

      Terena e tlaa goroga mo metsotsong e le lesomê

    expected; scheduled to do something or to arrive

  2. owing; needing to be paid

  3. Examples

    • Treat her with due respect

      Le mo tshwarê ka tlotla e a e tlhôkang

    that ought to be given; rightful

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