Go na le dithanolo di le 2 tsa konokono tsa side mo Setswana

    : side1side2


    Noun (bontsi sides)

    1. a surface, especially one joining the top and bottom of something

    2. a line that forms part of the boundary of a triangle, square, etc.

    3. either of the two halves into which something can be divided by a line down its centre

    4. the part near the edge and away from the centre

    5. Dikai

      • He stood at my side

        O ne a êma fa thokô game

      the place next to a person or thing

    6. Dikai

      • Study all sides of the problem

        Lebêlêla dintlha tsotlhe tsa mathata

      one aspect or view of something

    7. one of two groups or teams that oppose each other

    Neilwe Dithata ke Oxford