Thanolo ya round ka Setswana



letlhaodirounder, roundest

  • 1

    • shaped like a circle or ball or cylinder
    • curved
  • 2

    go feletse
    go tletse
    ‘a round dozen’ lesomê le bobedi le feletse
    • full or complete
  • 3

    boêla kwa tshimologong
    ‘a round trip’ loêtô le go feletswang go boelwa kwa tshimologong
    • returning to the start


  • 1

    go dikologa
    ‘Go round to the back of the house’ Dikologa ntlo
    • in a circle or curve
    • round something
  • 2

    kwa le kwa
    mo mongwe le mongweng
    ‘Pass the bread round’ Nêêla mongwe le mongwe borôthô
    • in every direction or to every person
  • 3

    mo ntlheng e ntšha
    ‘Turn your chair round’ Lebisa setilô sa gago kwa ntlheng e ntšha
    • in a new direction
  • 4

    kwa lwapeng la mongwe kgotsa kwa tirong ya gagwe
    ‘Come round after lunch’ O tle kwa lapeng morago ga dijô tsa motshegare
    • to somebody's house or place of work

letlhalosi la boemo

  • 1

    mo ntlheng tsotlhe
    ‘Put a fence round the field’ Agêlêla legora mo ntlheng tsotlhe tsa tshimo
    • on all sides of
  • 2

    ‘The earth moves round the sun’ Lefatshe le dikologa letsatsi
    • in a curve or circle at an even distance from
  • 3

    ntlheng tsotlhe
    ‘Show them round the house’ Ba bontshê dikamore tsotlhe tsa ntlo
    • to all parts of
  • 4

    ka kwa
    ‘The shop is round the corner’ Lebênkêlê le ka kwa ga segôgôrôpô
    • on the further side of

leinaPlural rounds

  • 1

    tatelanô ya maêtô a ngaka, rrapôsô jalo jalo
    • a series of visits made by a doctor, postman, etc.
  • 2

    legatô mo kgaisanong
    ‘Winners go on to the next round’ Bafenyi ba tlaa fetêla kwa legatong le le latelang la kgaisanô
    • one section or stage in a competition
  • 3

    dinô tse di rêkelwang setlhôpha
    • a set of drinks bought for all the members of a group

ledirirounds, rounding, rounded

  • 1

    • make or become round
  • 2

    ‘The car rounded the corner’ Koloi e ne ya dikologa segôgôrôpô
    • travel round