Translation of wrong in Setswana


go le phôsô


  • 1

    go le phôsô
    go se nnete
    ‘the wrong answer’ karabo e e phôsô
    • incorrect
    • not true
  • 2

    go sa siama
    ‘It is wrong to cheat’ Ga go a siama go tsietsa
    • not fair or morally right
  • 3

    go sa bereke sentle
    go sa siama
    ‘There's something wrong with the engine’ Go na le sengwe se se sa siamang ka enjene
    • not working properly


  • 1

    ga phôsô
    ‘You guessed wrong’ O akanyeditse mo go phôsô
    • wrongly

nounPlural wrongs

  • 1

    • something morally wrong
    • an injustice

verbwrongs, wronging, wronged

  • 1

    • do wrong to somebody
    • treat a person unfairly