Translation of would in Setswana


pakapheti ya ga tlaa

auxiliary verb

  • 1

    pakapheti ya ga tlaa
    ‘We said we would do it’
    ‘Would you like to come?’
    ‘Would you come in, please?’
    • as the past tense of will (We said we would do it), in questions (Would you like to come?), and in polite requests (Would you come in, please?)
  • 2

    ‘I would like to come’
    ‘we would be glad to help’
    • with I and we and the verbs like, prefer, be glad, etc., (e.g. I would like to come, we would be glad to help), where the strictly correct use is should
  • 3

    ‘That's just what he would do!’ Seo ke sônê fêla se a tlaa se dirang!
    • of something to be expected


For sense 2, see the note on should