Translation of word in Setswana



  1. a set of sounds or letters that has a meaning, and when written or printed has no spaces between the letters

  2. Examples

    • Can I have a word with you?

      A nka bua le wêna?

    a brief conversation

  3. Examples

    • He kept his word

      O diragaditse tsholofetso ya gagwê

    a promise

  4. Examples

    • Run when I give the word

      Taboga fa ke ntsha lefoko

    a command or spoken signal

  5. Examples

    • We sent word of our safe arrival

      Re rometse molaetsa wa gore re gorogile sentlê

    a message; information

Translation of word in Setswana



  1. Examples

    • Word the question carefully

      O botse potsô ka kêlôtlhôkô

    express something in words

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