Translation of with in Setswana



  1. Examples

    • Come with me

    being in the company or care of (Come with me)

  2. Examples

    • a man with a beard

    having (a man with a beard)

  3. Examples

    • hit it with a hammer

    using (hit it with a hammer)

  4. Examples

    • shaking with laughter

    because of (shaking with laughter)

  5. Examples

    • We heard it with pleasure

    feeling or showing (We heard it with pleasure)

  6. Examples

    • I was angry with him

    towards or concerning (I was angry with him)

  7. Examples

    • Don't argue with your father

    in opposition to; against (Don't argue with your father)

  8. Examples

    • We had to part with it

    being separated from (We had to part with it)

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