Translation of with in Setswana


le (Tlaa le nna)


  • 1

    le (Tlaa le nna)
    ‘Come with me’
    • being in the company or care of (Come with me)
  • 2

    nna le (monna yo o nang le ditedu)
    ‘a man with a beard’
    • having (a man with a beard)
  • 3

    ka (e betse ka hamole)
    ‘hit it with a hammer’
    • using (hit it with a hammer)
  • 4

    ka (roroma ka setshegô)
    ‘shaking with laughter’
    • because of (shaking with laughter)
  • 5

    ka (Re e utlwile ka boitumêlô)
    ‘We heard it with pleasure’
    • feeling or showing (We heard it with pleasure)
  • 6

    go amana le (Ke ne ke mo tenegetse)
    ‘I was angry with him’
    • towards or concerning (I was angry with him)
  • 7

    kgatlhanong (O seka wa ngangisana le rraago)
    ‘Don't argue with your father’
    • in opposition to
    • against (Don't argue with your father)
  • 8

    go kgaogantswe (Re ne ra tshwanêlwa ke go kgaogana le yônê)
    ‘We had to part with it’
    • being separated from (We had to part with it)