Translation of under in Setswana



  1. Examples

    • Hide it under the desk

      E fitlhe ka fa tlase ga tafole

    below or beneath

  2. Examples

    • under 5 years old

      kwa tlase ga dingwaga tse tlhano

    less than

  3. Examples

    • The country prospered under his rule

      Lefatshe le ne le gatêla pele ka fa tlase ga taolô ya gagwê

    governed or controlled by

  4. Examples

    • The road is under repair

      Tsela e ntse e mo paakanyong

    in the process of; undergoing

  5. Examples

    • He writes under the name of 'Lewis Carroll'

      O dirisa leina la Lewis Carroll


  6. Examples

    • This is permitted under our agreement

      Se se a letlêlêlwa go ya ka tumalanô ya rona

    according to the rules of

Translation of under in Setswana



  1. Examples

    • Slowly the diver went under

      Ka iketlo mothumi o ile a itlatlhêla kwa tlase

    in or to a lower place or level or condition

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