Translation of treat in Setswana



verbtreats, treating, treated

  • 1

    • behave in a certain way towards a person or thing
  • 2

    inaakanya le thutô nngwe
    • deal with a subject
  • 3

    • give medical care in order to cure a person or animal
  • 4

    tsenya sengwe mo khemikhaleng
    • put something through a chemical or other process
  • 5

    duelela mongwe dijô, dinô le itloso bodutu
    ‘I'll treat you to an ice cream’ Ke tlaa go duelela aese kirimi
    • pay for somebody else's food, drink, or entertainment

nounPlural treats

  • 1

    sengwe se se faphegileng se se itumedisang
    • something special that gives pleasure
  • 2

    go duelela mongwe dijô, dinô le itloso bodutu
    • the process of treating somebody to food, drink, or entertainment