Translation of touch in Setswana



  1. put your hand or fingers on something lightly

  2. be or come together so that there is no space between

  3. come into contact with something or hit it gently

  4. move or meddle with something

  5. reach

  6. Examples

    • The sad story touched our hearts

      Polêlô ya matlhotlhapelo e amile dipelo tsa rona

    affect somebody's feelings, e.g. by making them feel sympathy

Translation of touch in Setswana



  1. the action of touching

  2. the ability to feel things by touching them

  3. Examples

    • the finishing touches

      ditirônyana tse di nnye tsa bofêlô

    a small amount; a small thing done

  4. Examples

    • We have lost touch with him

      Ga re sa tlhôle re buisana le ênê

    communication with somebody

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