Translation of to in Setswana



  • 1

    kwa (Re ne ra ya kwa sekolong)
    mo (O ne a tsholetsega mo maemong)
    • direction or arrival at a position (We walked to school., He rose to power.)
  • 2

    go fitlha (go tsweng mo tshokologong go fitlha ka nakô ya bobedi)
    ‘from noon to two o'clock’
    • limit (from noon to two o'clock)
  • 3

    go (Re fentse ka nnô tse thataro go tse tharo)
    ‘We won by six goals to three’
    • comparison (We won by six goals to three.)
  • 4

    kwa (E tlise kwa go nna)
    mo (Nna bonolo mo diphologolong)
    • receiving or being affected by something (Give it to me., Be kind to animals)

  • 1

    go (Ke batla go mmôna)
    O dira sêo go re tena
    Re ne re batlile go tsamaya mme ra lebala go dira jalo
    ‘I want to see him’
    ‘He does that to annoy us’
    ‘We meant to go but forgot to’
    • Also used before a verb to form an infinitive (I want to see him.) or to show purpose (He does that to annoy us.), or alone when the verb is understood (We meant to go but forgot to.)


  • 1

    mo maemong a tlhôlêgô
    go tswalegile
    ‘Push the door to’ Kgorometsa lebati o le tswale
    • to or in the proper or closed position or condition
  • 2

    mo tirong
    ‘We set to and cleaned the kitchen’ Re ne ra tsena mo tirong ra phephafatsa ntlo ya boapêêlô
    • into a state of activity