Translation of sweep in Setswana



  1. clean or clear with a broom or brush

  2. Examples

    • The floods swept away the bridge

      Merwalêla e ntshitse borogo

    move or remove quickly

  3. Examples

    • She swept out of the room

      O ne a itlhaganêla a tswa mo kamoreng

    go smoothly and quickly

  4. Examples

    • A new craze is sweeping the country

      Thatô ya sengwe se seša e anama le lefatshe

    travel quickly over an area

Translation of sweep in Setswana


Noun (plural sweeps)

  1. Examples

    • Give this room a good sweep

      Nêêla kamore e phêêlô e e siameng

    the process of sweeping

  2. a sweeping movement

  3. a chimney sweep

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