Translation of suit in Setswana



nounPlural suits

  • 1

    • a matching jacket and trousers, or a jacket and skirt, that are meant to be worn together
  • 2

    diaparô tsa tirô nngwe
    ‘a diving suit’ diaparô tse go thumiwang ka tsônê
    • a set of clothing for a particular activity
  • 3

    nngwe ya disêtê tsa dikarata tsa motshamekô
    • any of the four sets of cards (clubs, hearts, diamonds, spades) in a pack of playing cards
  • 4

    • a lawsuit


Do not confuse with suite

verbsuits, suiting, suited

  • 1

    go tshwanetse kgotsa go siametse motho kgotsa sengwe
    • be suitable or convenient for a person or thing
  • 2

    go tshwanêla motho
    • make a person look attractive