Translation of stand in Setswana


Noun (plural stands)

  1. something made for putting things on

  2. a stall where things are sold or displayed

  3. a grandstand

  4. Examples

    • The time has come to make a stand

      Nakô e tsile ya gore re êmê kgatlhanong le tlhalosô

    resistance to attack

Translation of stand in Setswana



  1. Examples

    • We were standing at the back of the hall

      Re ne re eme kwa morago ga hôlô

    • Please stand up

      ke kopa le êmêlêle

    be on your feet without moving; rise to your feet

  2. Examples

    • We stood the vase on the table

      Re emisitse selwana sa dithunya kwa godimo ga tafole

    set or be upright; place

  3. Examples

    • My offer still stands

      Kabêlô ya me ga e ise e fetoge

    stay the same

  4. Examples

    • She stood for Parliament

      O ne a emetse bopalamêntê

    be a candidate for election

  5. Examples

    • I can't stand that noise

      Ga ke kgone go itshokêla modumô oo

    tolerate or endure

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