Translation of square in Setswana



  1. a flat shape with four equal sides and four right angles

  2. an area surrounded by buildings

  3. Examples

    • 9 is the square of 3

      9 ke karabô ya ga 3 a ntsifaditswe ka bo ênê

    the result of multiplying a number by itself


  1. having the shape of a square

  2. Examples

    • The desk has square corners

      Tafole e na le dihuku tsa lekônô la 90

    forming a right angle

  3. Examples

    • The teams are all square with six points each

      Ditlhôpha di ne di lekana tsotlhe ka dintlha di le thataro

    equal or even

  4. Examples

    • The carpet is four metres square

      Mmêtê o na le matlhakore a dimmithara tse nnê

    used to give the length of each side of a square shape or object

  5. Examples

    • an area of 25 square metres

      lefelô la dimmithara tse di masomê mabedi le botlhano

    used to give a measurement of an area


  1. make a thing square

  2. Examples

    • 5 squared is 25

      5 a ntsifadiwa ka 5 ke 25

    multiply a number by itself

  3. Examples

    • His story doesn't square with yours

      Polêlô ya gagwê ga e tshwane le ya gago

    match; make or be consistent

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