There are 2 main translations of show in Setswana

: show1show2



  1. Examples

    • Show me your new bike

      Ntshupegetsa baesekele ya gago e ntšha

    allow or cause something to be seen

  2. Examples

    • Show me how to use it

      Ntshupegetse gore ke e dirise jang

    make a person understand; demonstrate

  3. Examples

    • Show him in

      Mo supegetse mo teng


  4. Examples

    • She showed us much kindness

      O ne a re tsaya ka botho

    treat in a certain way

  5. Examples

    • That scratch won't show

      Go kgoboga moo ga go kake ga bonala

    be visible

  6. Examples

    • We'll show them!

      Re tlaa ba supegetsa!

    prove your ability to somebody

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