Translation of set in Setswana



  1. Examples

    • She set the vase down on the table

      O ne a baya nkgô ya setsenyadithunya mo tafoleng

    • We have set a date for the wedding

      Re beile letsatsi la lenyalô

    put or fix

  2. Examples

    • I'd better set the alarm

      Go tlaa re ke rulaganyetse nakô ya tlhagisô

    make ready to work

  3. Examples

    • Leave the jelly to set

      Tlogêla borêkêrêkê gore bo thatafale

    make or become firm or hard

  4. Examples

    • This sets us a problem

      Mo go re naya mathata

    give somebody a task

  5. Examples

    • Set them free

      O ba golole

    put into a condition

  6. Examples

    • The sun was setting

      Letsatsi le ne le kôtlômêla

    go down below the horizon

Translation of set in Setswana


Noun (plural sets)

  1. a group of people or things that belong together

  2. a radio or television receiver

  3. Mathematics

    a collection of things that have a common property

  4. the scenery or stage for a play or film

  5. a group of games in a tennis match

  6. a badger's burrow

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