Translation of seat in Setswana



  1. a thing made or used for sitting on

  2. Examples

    • She won the seat ten years ago

      O fentse setilô sa khansele ngwaga tse lesome tse di fitileng

    the right to be a member of a council, committee, parliament, etc.

  3. the buttocks; the part of a skirt or trousers covering these

  4. Examples

    • Gaborone is the seat of our government

      Babusi ba rona ba fitlhelwa kwa Gaborone

    the place where something is based or located


  1. place in or on a seat

  2. Examples

    • The theatre seats 3,000 people

      Lefelô la metshamekô le kgona go nnisa batho ba le 3,000

    have seats for

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