Translation of run in Setswana



  1. move with quick steps so that both or all feet leave the ground at each stride

  2. Examples

    • Tears ran down his cheeks

      Dikeledi di ne di êlêla mo marameng a gagwe

    go or travel; flow

  3. Examples

    • Run some water into it

      E tshele metsi

    produce a flow of liquid

  4. Examples

    • The engine was running smoothly

      Enjene e ne e bêrêka sentlê

    work or function

  5. Examples

    • She runs a hotel

      O okametse hôtêlê

    manage or organize

  6. Examples

    • He ran for president

      O ne a emetse botautona

    compete in a contest

  7. Examples

    • A fence runs round the farm

      Legora le dikologa tshimo


  8. Examples

    • I'll run you to the station

      Ke tlaa go isa kwa maêmêlong ka koloi

    go or take in a vehicle

Translation of run in Setswana



  1. Examples

    • I'm going for a run

      Ke a go siana

    the action of running; a time spent running

  2. Examples

    • She had a run of good luck

      O ne a nna le lesegô le le boelelang

    a continuous series of events, etc.

  3. Examples

    • a chicken run

      hôkô ya dikoko

    an enclosure for animals

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