Translation of record in Setswana


kitsô e e bolokilweng

Pronunciation /"rek-ord/

nounPlural records

  • 1

    kitsô e e bolokilweng
    • information kept in a permanent form, e.g. written or printed
  • 2

    • a disc on which sound has been recorded
  • 3

    tirô e e gaisang gotlhe
    ‘He holds the record for the high jump’ Ke ênê a tlodileng go gaisa botlhe mo kgaisanong ya go tlola
    • the best performance in a sport, or the most remarkable event of its kind
  • 4

    kitsô ya nnete e e itseweng ka botshelô jwa mongwe
    ‘She has a good school record’ O nale kitsô e ntlê ya sekolo e e itseweng
    • facts known about a person's past life or career

verbrecords, recording, recorded

  • 1

    boloka kitsô ka mokwalô kgotsa sengwe sa sennelaruri
    • put something down in writing or other permanent form
  • 2

    • make a copy of music, a film, etc., by storing it on a disc or tape