Translation of range in Setswana


Noun (plural ranges)

  1. Examples

    • a wide range of colours

      mefuta e e farologaneng thata ya mebala

    a set of different things of the same type

  2. Examples

    • the 15 to 18 age range

      dingwaga tse di fa gare ga 15 le 18

    the limits between which something varies

  3. the distance that a gun can shoot, an aircraft can travel, or a sound can be heard

  4. a line or series of mountains or hills

  5. a large open area of grazing land or hunting ground


  1. Examples

    • Prices ranged from P1 to P50

      Ditlhwatlhwa di fa gare ga P1 go yeng kwa go P50

    exist between two limits; extend

  2. move over a wide area; wander

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