Translation of point in Setswana


Noun (plural points)

  1. the narrow or sharp end of something

  2. Examples

    • the decimal point

      khutlô e e kgaoganyang dinômore

    a dot

  3. Examples

    • At this point she was winning

      Ka nakô e, o ne a fenya

    a particular place or time

  4. Examples

    • He has his good points

      O na le dintlha tsa gagwe tse di ntlê

    a detail or characteristic

  5. Examples

    • Keep to the point!

      Bua fela tse di botlhôkwa!

    the important or essential idea

  6. Examples

    • There is no point in hurrying

      Ga go na mosola wa go itlhaganela

    purpose or value


  1. show where something is, especially by holding out a finger towards it

  2. Examples

    • She pointed a gun at me

      O ntshupile ka tlhôbôlô

    aim or direct

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