There are 2 main translations of pass in Setswana

: pass1pass2



  1. go past somebody or something; go or move in a certain direction

  2. Examples

    • Pass the cord through the ring

      Fetisa mogala fa gare ga kgolokwe

    move something in a certain direction

  3. Examples

    • Could you pass the butter?

      Ke kopa gore o nnêêlê bôtôrô?

    give or transfer something to another person

  4. (in ball games) to kick or throw the ball to another player of your own side

  5. be successful in a test or examination

  6. Examples

    • They passed a law

      Ba dumetse molaô

    approve or accept

  7. occupy time

  8. happen

  9. come to an end

  10. (in a game or quiz) let your turn go by or choose not to answer

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