Translation of over in Setswana



  1. above

  2. Examples

    • It's over a kilometre away

      Go sekgala sa khilomithara go tswa fa

    more than

  3. Examples

    • They quarrelled over money

      Ba ne ba omana mabapi le madi


  4. Examples

    • They rowed the boat over the lake

      Ba ne ba tsamaisa mokôrô mo letšheng

    across the top of; on or to the other side of

  5. Examples

    • We can talk over dinner

      Re ka bua ka nakô ya dijô tsa maitseboa


  6. Examples

    • their victory over United

      phenyô ya bônê kwa godimo ga United

    in superiority or preference to


  1. Examples

    • He fell over

      O ne a wêla kwa tlase

    out and down from the top or edge; from an upright position

  2. Examples

    • Turn it over

      E phetsole; E fetole

    so that a different side shows

  3. Examples

    • Walk over to our house

      Tsamaela ka kwa ga rona

    at or to a place; across

  4. Examples

    • There is nothing left over

      Ga go na sepê se se saletseng


  5. Examples

    • Think it over

      E akanye thata

    all through; thoroughly

  6. Examples

    • The lesson is over

      Thutô e fedile

    at an end

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