There are 2 main translations of open in Setswana

: open1open2



  1. allowing people or things to go in and out; not closed or fastened

  2. not covered or blocked up

  3. spread out; unfolded

  4. Examples

    • an open championship

      dikgaisanô tse di sa kganeleng opê go di tsenelela

    not limited or restricted

  5. letting in visitors or customers

  6. Examples

    • open country

      lefatshe le le bulegileng

    with wide empty spaces

  7. honest and frank; not secret or secretive

  8. Examples

    • an open mind

      tlhaloganyô e e bulegileng, go sa tsewa tshwetso

    not decided

  9. Examples

    • I'm open to suggestions

      Ke ka amogêla dikakgêlo

    willing or likely to receive

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