Translation of on in Setswana



  1. Examples

    • the sign on the door

      sesupô mo lebating

    supported by; covering; added or attached to

  2. close to; towards

  3. Examples

    • on my birthday

      ka nakô ya letsatsi la matsalô a me

    during; at the time of

  4. Examples

    • They arrested him on suspicion of murder

      Ba mo tshwêre ka ntlha ya pelaêlô ya polaô

    by reason of

  5. Examples

    • a book on butterflies

      buka e e buang ka dirurubele


  6. Examples

    • The house was on fire

      Ntlo e ne e e ša

    in a state of; using or showing


  1. Examples

    • Put it on

      E tsenye

    so as to be on something

  2. Examples

    • Move on

      Tsamaêla kwa pele

    further forward

  3. Examples

    • Is the heater on?

      A sethuthafatsi se tshubilwe?

    working; in action

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