Translation of need in Setswana


go tlhôkana

verbneeds, needing, needed

  • 1

    go tlhôkana
    ‘We need two more chairs’ Re tlhôkana le ditilô tse dingwe tse pêdi
    • be without something you should have
    • require
  • 2

    (as an auxiliary verb)
    go tlhôka
    ‘You need not answer’ Ga o tlhôke go araba
    • have to do something

nounPlural needs

  • 1

    • something needed
    • a necessary thing
  • 2

    go tlhôkêga
    ‘There is no need to cry’ Go lêla ga go tlhôkafale
    • a situation where something is necessary
  • 3

    • great poverty or hardship