Translation of measure in Setswana



verbmeasures, measuring, measured

  • 1

    • find the size, amount, or extent of something by comparing it with a fixed unit or with an object of known size
  • 2

    kanang ka
    ‘The room measures 3.4 metres’ Kamore e kanang ka dimithara tse 3.4
    • be a certain size

nounPlural measures

  • 1

    uniti e e dirisiwang go meta
    • a unit used for measuring
  • 2

    sedirisiwa se se metang
    • a device used in measuring
  • 3

    • the size or quantity of something
  • 4

    dikgatô dingwe
    ‘We took measures to stop vandalism’ Re tsere dikgatô dingwe go emisa borukutlhi
    • something done for a particular purpose