Translation of leave in Setswana



  1. go away from a person or place

  2. stop belonging to a group or working somewhere

  3. Examples

    • You left the door open

      O tlogêtse lebati le bulegile

    cause or allow something to stay where it is or as it is

  4. Examples

    • I left my book at home

      Ke tlogetse buka ya me kwa lwapeng

    go away without taking something

  5. Examples

    • Leave the washing-up to me

      Ntlogêlêlê go tlhatswa

    let somebody deal with something

  6. Examples

    • Would you like to leave a message?

      A o tlaa batla go tlogêla molaêtsa?

    put something to be collected or passed on

Translation of leave in Setswana



  1. permission

  2. Examples

    • three days' leave

      malatsi a le mararo a go sa tla tirong a a lêtlêlêtsweng

    official permission to be away from work; the time for which this permission lasts

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