1. coming after all others; final

  2. Examples

    • last night

      bosigo jwa maabane

    latest; most recent

  3. Examples

    • She is the last person I'd have chosen

      Kgônagalô ya gore ke ka bo ke mo tlhophile e kwa tlase fêla thata

    least likely


  1. Examples

    • She came last

      O tsile kwa bofelelong

    after all others, at the end

  2. Examples

    • When did you see her last?

      O mmone leng la bofelô?

    most recently

There are 2 main translations of last in Setswana

: last1last2



  1. continue; go on existing or living or being usable

  2. Examples

    • The food will last us for three days

      Dijo di tla re fitlhisa malatsi a le mararo

    be enough for

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