Translation of in in Setswana




  • 1

    mo lebôkôseng
    mo ourêng tse pêdi
    • at or inside
    • within the limits of something (in a box
    • in two hours)
  • 2

    mo teng
    O wetse mo teng ga lehuti
    ‘He fell in a puddle’
    • into (He fell in a puddle)
  • 3

    polêlô e e mo dikarolong tse nnê
    ‘a serial in four parts’
    • arranged as
    • consisting of (a serial in four parts)
  • 4

    O kwa sesoleng
    ‘He is in the army’
    • occupied with
    • a member of (He is in the army)
  • 5

    Re duêtse ka madi gônê foo
    ‘We paid in cash’
    • by means of (We paid in cash)


  • 1

    mo teng
    Tsêna mo teng
    ‘Get in’
    • so as to be in something or inside (Get in)
  • 2

    tsênêla mo teng
    Bogodimo jwa sônê bo ne ba wêla mo têng
    ‘The top caved in’
    • inwards (The top caved in)
  • 3

    mo gae
    A go na le mongwe mo gae?
    ‘Is anybody in?’
    • at home
    • indoors (Is anybody in?)
  • 4

    go gôrôga
    Terena e gorogile
    ‘The train is in’
    • having arrived (The train is in)