Translation of home in Setswana


Noun (plural homes)

  1. the place where you live

  2. the place where you were born or where you feel you belong

  3. Examples

    • a children's home

      legaê la bana

    a place where those who need help are looked after

  4. the place to be reached in a race or in certain games

Translation of home in Setswana



  1. Examples

    • The missile homed in

      Mmisaele o ne wa ya kwa o neng o fulêlwa teng

    make for a target


  1. Examples

    • home industries

      madirêlô a selegae

    to do with your own home or country

  2. Examples

    • a home match

      motshamekô wa mo gae

    played on a team's own ground


  1. Examples

    • Is she home yet?

      A o setse a le kwa lapeng?

    to or at home

  2. Examples

    • Push the bolt home

      Kgarametsa bautu o e lebagantse

    to the point aimed at

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