Translation of hold in Setswana



  1. have and keep, especially in your hands

  2. Examples

    • The jug holds two litres

      Jêkê e e kgona go tsaya dilithara tse pêdi

    have room for

  3. Examples

    • This plank won't hold my weight

      Lepolanka le ga le kake la kgona go tshêgêtsa bokete jwame


  4. Examples

    • Will the fine weather hold?

      A go tla tswêlêla seêmô sa bosa se ntse se tlhapile?

    stay the same; continue

  5. Examples

    • We shall hold you responsible

      Re tla dumêla gore ene e le maikarabêlô a gago

    believe or consider

  6. Examples

    • They held a meeting

      Ba ne ba tshwara phuthêgô

    cause something to take place

  7. restrain somebody or stop them getting away

Translation of hold in Setswana



  1. holding something; a grasp

  2. something to hold on to for support

  3. the part of a ship where cargo is stored, below the deck

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