There are 2 main translations of head in Setswana

: head1head2


Noun (plural heads)

  1. the part of the body containing the brains, eyes, and mouth

  2. Examples

    • Use your head!

      Dirisa tlhaloganyô!

    your brains or mind; intelligence

  3. Examples

    • She has a good head for figures

      O na le bokgoni jwa go dirisa dinômore

    a talent or ability

  4. Examples

    • Heads or tails?

      Ditlhôgô kgotsa megatla?; Tlhogo kgotsa mogatla?

    the side of a coin on which somebody's head is shown

  5. Examples

    • It costs P5 a head

      Ke dipula tse tlhano mongwe le mongwe

    a person

  6. Examples

    • a pinhead

      tlhogo ya sepêlêtê

    • at the head of the procession

      êtêlêtse batho

    the top or front of something

  7. the chief; the person in charge

  8. a head teacher

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