Translation of have in Setswana



  1. Examples

    • We have two dogs

      Re na le dintša tse pedi

    possess or own

  2. Examples

    • This tin has sweets in it

      Thini e, e tshotse dimonamonê mo têng


  3. Examples

    • He had a shock

      O ne a nna le letshogô


  4. Examples

    • We have to go now

      Re tshwanêtse go tsamaya gônê jaana

    be obliged to do something

  5. Examples

    • I won't have him bullied

      Ga ke kake ka letlêlela gore a kgokgontshiwe


  6. Examples

    • Will you have a sweet?

      A o tla batla dimonamonê?

    receive or accept

  7. Examples

    • I'm having my watch mended

      Ke dira gore sesupanakô sa me se baakanngwe

    get something done


  1. Examples

    • he has gone

    used to form the past tense of verbs, e.g. he has gone

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