Translation of great in Setswana


go feta mo gongwe

adjectivegreater, greatest

  • 1

    go feta mo gongwe
    go le gogolo
    huge, big, enormous, massive, gigantic, colossal
    • very large
    • much above average
  • 2

    ga maêmô
    mo go golo
    ‘a great composer’ mokwadi wa dipina yo mogolo
    famous, eminent, distinguished, celebrated, prominent
    • very important or talented
  • 3informal

    go ratêga
    go itumêdisa
    ‘It's great to see you again’ Go a itumêdisa go go bôna gapê
    excellent, marvellous, wonderful
    • very good or enjoyable
  • 4

    ‘great-grandfather’ rraagwê-mogolwagolwane
    • older or younger by one generation