Translation of good in Setswana



  1. Examples

    • a good book

      buka e e siameng

    having the right qualities; of the kind that people like

  2. Examples

    • It was good of you to help us

      Go ne go le molemô gore o bo o re thusitse


  3. Examples

    • Be a good boy

      O nne mosimane yo o itshwarang sentlê


  4. Examples

    • a good pianist

      motshameka piano yo o nang le bokgoni

    skilled or talented

  5. Examples

    • Exercise is good for you

      Go itshidila go go siamêtse

    healthy; giving benefit

  6. Examples

    • Give it a good clean

      O go phepafatse thata


  7. Examples

    • It's a good distance from the shops

      Go sekgala se se ntsi go tswa kwa mabenkeleng

    large; considerable


  1. Examples

    • Do good to others

      Direla ba bangwe tshiamô

    something good

  2. Examples

    • It's for your own good

      Ke wena o tla bong o boêlwa


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