Translation of get in Setswana



  1. Examples

    • She got first prize

      O tsere sekgêlê sa ntlha

    obtain or receive

  2. Examples

    • Don't get angry!

      O seka wa tenêga!


  3. Examples

    • We got there by midnight

      Re gorogile teng bosigare

    reach a place

  4. Examples

    • I can't get my shoe on

      Ga ke kgone go rwala setlhako sa me

    put or move

  5. Examples

    • Will you get the tea?

      A o tla dira tee?


  6. Examples

    • Get him to wash up

      Mo reye a ye go tlhapa

    persuade or order

  7. catch or suffer from an illness

  8. informal


    • Do you get what I mean?

      A o tlhaloganya se ke se buang?


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