Translation of focus in Setswana


nounPlural focuses, Plural foci

  • 1

    sekgala se leitlhô le kgonang go bôna sengwe sentlê
    • the distance from an eye or lens at which an object appears clearest
  • 2

    fa marang a kôpanêlang teng
    • the point at which light or sound waves seem to meet
  • 3

    sengwe sa botlhôkwa
    • something that is a centre of interest or attention

verbfocuses, focusing, focused

  • 1

    fetola ka fa o lebilêng ka teng gore sengwe se bônagalê
    • adjust the focus of your eye or a lens so that objects appear clearly
  • 2

    ‘She focused her attention on it’ O ne a go êlatlhoko fêla thata
    • concentrate

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