Translation of draw in Setswana



  1. produce a picture or outline by making marks on a surface

  2. pull

  3. Examples

    • She drew water from the well

      O ne a gêlêla metsi mo petseng

    take out

  4. Examples

    • The fair drew large crowds

      Ditshupô di ne di ngôkile matshwititshwiti a batho


  5. end a game or contest with the same score on both sides

  6. Examples

    • The ship drew nearer

      Sekêpê se ne sa tla gaufinyana

    move or come

Translation of draw in Setswana



  1. the drawing of lots

  2. Examples

    • He was quick on the draw

      O ne a le bofêfo mo go ntsheng tlhôbôlô

    the drawing out of a gun

  3. Examples

    • the main draw this evening

      kgôgêdi ya mangmang ya maitseboa

    an attraction

  4. a drawn game

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