Translation of down in Setswana


kwa tlase


  • 1

    kwa tlase
    fa fatshe
    ‘It fell down’ E wêtse fa fatshe
    • to or in a lower place or position or level
  • 2

    kwa lefelong
    ‘They went down to the river’ Ba ne ba ya kwa nokeng
    • to a source or place
  • 3

    mo mokwalong
    ‘Take down these instructions’ Tsenya ditaêlô tse mo mokwalong
    • in writing
  • 4

    ‘We will pay P50 down and the rest later’ Re tlaa ntsha tuêlô ya P50, a mangwe a tlaa tla moragonyana
    • as a payment


  • 1

    mo teng
    ‘Pour it down the drain’ E tshele mo teng ga mosima wa metsi a a leswê
    • downwards through or along or into


  • 1

    utlwile botlhoko
    ‘He's feeling down at the moment’ O utlwile botlhoko ka sebaka se
    • unhappy or depressed