Translation of double in Setswana


go le gobedi


  • 1

    go le gobedi
    • twice as much
    • twice as many
  • 2

    ga dilô tse pedi
    ‘a double-barrelled gun’ tlhôbôlô ya melômô e mebedi
    • having two things or parts that form a pair
  • 3

    ga batho ba babedi
    ‘a double bed’ bolao jwa batho ba babedi
    • suitable for two people

nounPlural doubles

  • 1

    • a double quantity or thing
  • 2

    • a person or thing that looks exactly like another

verbdoubles, doubling, doubled

  • 1

    ntsifala gabedi
    ntsifatsa gabedi
    • make or become twice as much or as many
  • 2

    kôna gangwe
    • bend or fold in two
  • 3

    boa ka bofefo
    • turn back sharply